Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weekend Getaway

I spent last weekend in Matheran. I had no clue I'd be anywhere near there. In fact I'd happily made plans with Smithy to be her date at a Halloween Bash (three whole hours with no Baby or Hubby! wheee!). Then come friday, Hubby lands me with the Matheran Plan. On asking why it's taken him this long to bother informing me, he say in all earnestness, 'but honey, it wouldn't be a surprise then, would it?' Bah. Sorry Smithy, I can't argue with that!

So, off we went, with Pickwick in tow. Here are a few excerpts from the weekend:

Cottage No.13

Yeah, that's right, that was our home for the weekend. A British-era Cottage with the number 13. And nothing remotely eerie to report! (damn!)

It's a tree...it's a stump... it's...it's a dustbin!

Male Bonding

One of my favourite father-son moments during the trip
(that and Pickwick swinging his undies in the air a la Saurav).

Here Comes the Son!

I know! Corny! still, that's what i feel like singing everytime i see this picture.

NO Clue what existed below the vines.

Cool Pool
No, Really. the water was Frigid! Hubby bravely strolled out of the cottage in a towel and swimming trunks, only to return 3 minutes later, after having dipped his toe into the pool and retracting it with a howl!
P.S. By the way, i strongly recommend 'Sakville's' for all your foody needs- he may be no gourmet, but he's given us better service than I've seen at star restaurants. besides, you also get to catch all the hubub of the market place from his place!


iyer education said...

aah matheran... looks like u had a great time :)

we used to be put up at woodlands... right in between the woods... and we used to take walks in midnight... that too with just one watchmanesque torch... awesome fun it was :)

n said...

i don't think 'here comes the son' is corny at all :D
and i love that i can give 'vishesh tippani' :D

Brad said...

After having unsuccessfully interacted with kids under 18 months in grammatically perfect English, yielding no reactions from the toddlers, I switched gears. I find myself completely at ease in talking in my mother-tongue with the kids. So don't be too surprised at me hitting it off with my godson in my language! :-D

Brad said...

Ooops. Forgot to comment on the post. The place looks fabulous, woman. I've never been there myself. :-( Didn't understand the 'a la Saurav' part! What's with Saurav? That pic is too cool though.

La vida Loca said...

Pickwick is soo precious ! and the fox in lamb's clothing (ur hubby) is Taaallll :)

Sensorcaine said...

iyer: yes, we did- we were put up at Lord's- one of teh few places that boasts a view- and sloitude to boot. the only other place with more solitude, I'm told is 'Verandah in the woods'.

n: Thanks for dropping by. And Vishesh Tippanis are most welcome:D

Brad: saurav, and the infamous shirt-waving incident... replace shirt with undies, and you have PIckwick.
And how you converse with your Godson is between you and him. Leave me out of it.

Loca: Lol... NOt too tall. just right.

Instinctive Traveller said...

now where's the foodie blog u promised? slurp!

IdeaSmith said...

Well, you're forgiven...wonly because my darling neffy-poo's involved here!!!!!!

Keshi said...

'here comes the sun' pic is just too beautiful! WOW!


Sensorcaine said...

foodie blog coming soon! I promise!

thank ewe! i shell ketchup with ewe soon...

hehehe. thank ewe... (can't think of any more foodie puns. sow-wie! )

Brad said...

At the current rate, I'll have to use the same language with Smithy and you! Oh drats.

Sensorcaine said...

Brad: i thought you already do... oh well, you l;earn new things everyday!