Sunday, October 08, 2006

True Vacation

Last week, we were in Goa doing what you should truly do in Goa- no, not living it up. You have Mumbai for that, for crying out loud. We were there to hibernate. Relax. Pig out. And not move a muscle. Well, we did all of the above. Almost all. There only so much inaction your six-month old will permit you.

The weather was crap. It was raining all night- and most days. Which suited us just fine. All we needed was a bit of sunshine so we could hit the pool (which was just outside out room) and the beach (which was just beyond the pool). Pickwick loved both. The beach had him a tad confused, with what the waves and the ground beneath his feet literally slipping away. He didn’t like that. No one does, I guess. The pool was more his scene. He was basking. In the sunshine and the mini admiration society which seemed to have formed around him as soon as he stepped into the pool. So naturally he wants to show off for his fans and tried to float. To our utter amazement he actually succeeded! He even got so bold as to venture a few Kicks. Sigh! The things one has to do to please people!

The food was especially good. I pigged out on sea food while poor hubby stoically held back his urge to puke. I guess he thought it’s the least he could do for the woman who’s bravely decided to spawn his offspring (Yes, I’m going to hold that over his poor head for another eighteen years!). Having this scandalized three generations of the iyer khaandaan, I decided to reserve my second tattoo plans for another day. We don’t want to kill the poor fellow, do we?

Our return journey was another adventure altogether. After having raced to the station to narrowly make the train (thanks to a forgotten jacket in the lobby of the hotel whose pockets held a mobile phone and tickets to the very train we were about to board…), we board the one compartment in the train that is bursting at the seams with kids. You should have seen the night sleeping routine. 35 mums trying to put 40-odd hyperactive kids to bed. Sometimes, even now, when I let my guard down, I hear “Shhh! Look at that nice boy. He’s not troubling his mummy.”

So, it’s no wonder I took so long to write this post. I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation!


Brad said...

HIS Offspring!??? And YOU were playing just surrogate, is it!?

The lamb's veggie!? Oh great, this is getting better. [Not exactly sure why I find this very amusing, but I absolutely do. :-D ]

iyer education said...

now i clearly understand how my parents would have felt when they took me to goa when i was a toddler :P

and you have sea food... thats the great nishaani of a great iyer gal :P


Keshi said...

Goa wow!

u mean ur suffering from post-vacation stress? I so know the feeling!


Kautilya said...

its just a recursive loop... I just hate the day b4 the vacation is gonna end!

sanjay jha said...

om shanti,shanti'h,shanti'


La vida Loca said...

*****35 mums trying to put 40-odd hyperactive kids to bed. Sometimes, even now, when I let my guard down, I hear “Shhh! Look at that nice boy. He’s not troubling his mummy.”

lol.The incentive to be mom gets better and better gggrrhhh!!! :)

iyer kuttiyaaa???hmmmm
Had you pegged as a mallu :P

Sensorcaine said...

odd- comments i'd posted seem to have vanished. *poof* thanx for nothing, blogger beta!
Brad: the 'lamb' is a chikitarian, if you must know. and goign by the way pickwick looks, i might as well just have been the surrogate. (smithy'll vouch for this)

Iyer: ais. you as a toddler! no wonder your parents decided it was time to head for the hills- or Navi Mumbai, in this case.
As for the sea food- will perwsonally vouch for the butter-garlic squid. yummmmm...

keshi: heck yeah- 3 days and no supporting garndparents you can happily offload the hyeprcative infant on!!

kautilya: i used to hate sunday evenings when i was a 9-5-er

jhaji: the maid's name's Yadamma. Shanti works downstairs.

loca: the incentive is not having the baby- its the journey of trying to have one. lol.

La vida Loca said...

touche :)

Instinctive Traveller said...

Ah! A sea food vacation. That's better than a scandal.

Sensorcaine said...

bloom: Thank ewe! I aim to please