Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Romania in Focus: through the lenses of expat women

So. if you want to know what I've been to while being holed away in Romania, part of the time was spent doing this:
Photo credit: Mihai Constantineanu

This book and a photo exhibition featuring some of that photographs from the book was launched at the Crowne Plaza hotel, Bucharest last evening. Apart from being so much fun, being part of this lovely group of expat women who happen to share a common love for photography, what really stands out is the dedication of the ladies who want to give back something to this beautiful country.
Photo credit: Mihai Constantineanu

The proceeds from the sales of this book as well as from the prints (which are also on sale) will go to six worthy charities in Romania. This is the 5th Year of the project, but my first, and hopefully, not the last.
I'll try and post the pictures soon, of all the photographs, so you can order prints if you'd like (they'll look great adorning your office space or wall at home), and what the hey, I'll try and get it signed for you by the photographer :) . Also, the book makes great gifts (besides making you feel really good that you're helping out some really worthy causes), so let me know if you'd like some copies.
Photo credit: Mihai Constantineanu