Sunday, August 26, 2007

Swiss Cheez

Yes, the Cheez is Mast-mast. So's the cheese. It's a must. Switzreland- a land of snow, cows with cow-bells, belles, man-made engineering marvels and God-made astounding beauty. Not to forget Indians crawling out from under every rock, pebble and boulder.
Mount Pilatus. The one with the Dragons of Legends

On the way to Pliatus. Love the cow-bells.

The steepest Cogwheel train in the world- the way up to Pilatus Kulm

This One's my wallpaper when it'll start to get miserable in London

The Ice- palace at Jungfrau (with a huge Aditya-Birla Logo at the entrance). And no, Before you ask- I did not eat at the Bollywood restaurant at the Top of Europe.

Mount Titlis (don't snigger- that is teh name)- The journey by Cable Car

He He. This was right next door to Our Hotel In Lucerne

Mount Titlis (STOP it.) from Mount Pilatus

Glorious morning!

Aletsch Galcier at Jungfrau

I make a fine Snow angel!

Interlaken Ost

Picture postcard- The Interlaken-Lucerne Journey

aaj main oopar, aasman neeche...


Kleine Sheidegg-Jungfraujoch Journey

Junfrau -Top Of Europe

Minus 6 Degrees. The birds don't seem to mind.

Interlaken, in front of the river Aare

The view from the cogwheel train from Kleine Sheidegg

The train from Gindlewald to Kleine Sheidegg

The first glimpse of the Peaks of Jungfrau

The plains and Mountains on the way to Jungfrau

Monday, August 06, 2007

Picture Postcards

They say you can't describe Amsterdam, you have to experience it. When have I ever listened to what they say. And who's they?

yeah.. you can see all there is to see by Bike... at least that how the locals do it. Plenty of rentals, plenty of bikes... in fact there are more peolpe than bike in the city... and apparently you have shady characters sliding upto you and trying to palm off stolen bikes. For 10 euros! We kept a sharp lookout for such characters so we could slide upto him and demand our 10-euro bike. NO such luck!

Nope, didn’t visit the cheese farm, but did try out some of the cheeses for Breakfast. Yummmm! And those clogs- well, don’t know why they sell em, actually- can’t wear ‘em- and where the heck will you display shoes in your house??

Now this is something that would sell in this city…we turn on the telly, and what’s the first thing we see? The free porn channel! And the red-light district is awesome! The window mannequins stand ramrod straight, and the women at the windows are unbelievably curvy! Oh, and the toys… wouldn’t know what to do with half of them, actually.

This is a laugh. Shopping is tax free. Porn on the telly is free. So is homosexuality. But a trip to the loo costs you 50 cents to a Euro. And in the city of canals, water certainly isn’t free!

You really think I wasted the weekend visiting this? Come on! you ought to know me better by now.

Here’s One place I wish we could visit actually, but with Pickwick in tow, we didn’t think it’s was too clever. Even in Amsterdam.

Again, with the museums… really, now.This is me we’re talking about here. OK. So we did visit One museum. But this wasn’t it.

Nope. This wasn’t it either. Try again.

Nor this.

*snort* C’mon! you’re not trying hard enough.

See what I mean about the Sex? And this poster has nothing to do with sex. It’s just about shopping!

Ohh- our neightbourhood bar. Great ambience. You can sit out right by the canal. And gaze out at the gay convention taking place in the street. Host of Pink-tees, extreme leather and some lovely drag queens. Pickwick really loved the hot Pink Balloons.

Finally. This is the one museum we did visit. It would be blasphemous if we didn’t.

Ohh… and this one, I did want to visit, but I was veetoed.

No thanks. We have one already. We call him Pickwick.