Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm a Legal Alien

There are things that are endemic to each country that other people find inexplicable. Here are a few ads and announcements that have me flummoxed.

- Trains will not be stopping at Victoria station today due to excessive dust on the station.
Really?By that logic, the Virar local can only stop at the coach shed. maybe not even there- God Forbid, there might be Excessive Dust!

- And Ad on the Telly: 'Oasis- The chuggable fruitiness for people who don't like water'
Hasn't their mother ever told them of the millions of people dropping dead in third world countries because they don't have clean water to drink??? What kind of people are these? are you sure they are the same species as us???

Children who opt for eduation above the age of sixteen get paid by some boroughs to stay in school!

The cost of a litre of ice-cream and a bottle of mineral water is about the same.

Pureed tomato (in a tube) is cheaper than whole, raw tomatoes.

An ad on the telly asks you to contribute 3 pounds a month to keep some dogs in kennels, but another wants just 2 pounds to stop prevention of cruelty to children. (and guess which ads are played more frequently)

and Oh- Flash Floods! They make headline news... just to be clear what the idea of a flash flood here is: ten minutes of heavy rains (the kind we get for two continuous day in july in Mumbai)

Shall keep everyone posted as more googlies are thrown my way.