Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Day in Pictures

Just so you know, my life in the parallel universe is occupying far too much of time. Travel time has doubled thanks to a switch in office premises (with no relocation or disturbance allowance, I might add), so I though I should let you in on my day (stop yawning already! i haven't even begun!!)
Buskers - The firang version of our train singers. A lot of them are very talented - much like our home grown variety, and of course we have a fair bit of Godawful screechers as well - again, much like home. The difference? it's all in the presentation, baby!

Pickwick playing peek-a-boo in my closet. He loves it there. Always unerringly manages to dig out my most embarassing Fashion faux Pas

The Picadilly line. My route to office. Takes blooming ages!

Ah! Poems on the underground. An endless source of amusement.

Men at work. A much better way to amuse myself. :)

I'm not being pessimistic- The Glass IS empty!

On the way back home. It's all a blur by this time