Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mee Mumbaikar

And now, ladies and gentlemen, presenting a post for the express reading purpose of the Mumbaikar…

Overheard in the second class ladies compartment:

*self- fly on the wall- or at least plastered to the partition near the entryway*

Plump Lady (to skinny one nearer the door): ay! Dadar?
Skinny: nai
Plumpy: toh idhar kay karti hai? Andar jao na!
Skinny: kaisa jayegi? Jagah kidahr hai? Tum side se jao na!
Plumpy: ai! Kya baat karti hai? Mera size dekha hai? Tum hi ja nahi sakti, main kaisa jayegi? Ab dadar ayega to tum utarke phir chado..
Skinny: arre... main kyon utregi? Main nahin utregi. Tum side se jao.
Plumpy: getting more annoyed: he bagh! Jyada mach mach nahin karneka. Tumko malum nahin Dadar mein utrneka nahin to idhar nahin khada rahneka? Malum nahin kidhar kidhar se train mein aa jata hai.
Skinny: getting equally riled: ai! Tum idhar dekho- kya kar legi tum? Kuch bhi bolti rehti hai. Phir mai bolne lagoongi
Plumpy: gearing up for full-scale war:ay chokri- tu jaanti nahin main koun hoon. Main roz yeh train mein jaati hoon. Train mein chadhne ko atta nahin to kyon aati ho?

Skinny was just about to launch into a tirade of her own when the train pulled up into Dadar. Although she put up a brave fight, she lost her battle to the tide of people flowing out of the train and had to decend at Dadar.

30 seconds later when the train pulled out of Dadar, however, I did a double take. Not only was Skinny back on the train- right next to her was a mournful Plumpy- who was pushed back into the train by the incoming tide! Looks like Skinny had the last laugh!

Ah! It’s good to be back in Mumbai!


Keshi said...

lol so Mumbai is all abt pushing each other ard? :):)


iyer education said...

chammaila ekdam zakaas hai bole to... mumbai mein kayko doing all lafda... get into 8:11-esque locals and have fun no... and stay away from dadar and kurla stations they attract people like food attracts flies :)

Ideasmith said...

LOL LOL....good to be back in amchi Mumbai, wot?

Instinctive Traveller said...


Sensorcaine said...

keshi: Au Contraire, Mumbai is all about being pushed around!:D

Iyer: Ah. if only meetings could be scheduled around the 8:11s.

smithy: you betcher! but I bet the first class ladies argue in English!

Joo: whoa! wassup with all the bloggs???

IdeaSmith said...

@ Sensorcaine: No, lady, not always. There's also Amrikanized Hindi, Marathi-flavoured Hindlish and Gujju-seasoned Bambaiyya Eeengleezz.

La vida Loca said...

u mumbaikaar huh?I somrhow thoght you were from bangalore :)

La vida Loca said...

Hey you are tagged :P
I'd love for you to do it.:)

sanjay jha said...

i loved *vishesh tipanni*
such moments in mumbai can be ablog in itself...

Sensorcaine said...

smithy: true. true. theer's also the 'airport accent' - remind me to explain that to you.

loca: well, ex-mumbaiite, ex-bangalorean, back-to-mumbaiite, to be precise.

jhaji: As Amitabh in 'Namakhalal' would say, 'Dhann-vaad' ;D now there's an idea- Mumbai-moments!

sanjay jha said...

'mumbai moments'is a super hit idea,lets do something about it,lets make a blog and run it together...
happy blogging.