Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I'm celebrating a week at work. Well, OK, celebrations would be pushing it... people in my office are already looking shifty-eyed and start shuffling their feet when asked whether my joining was a good thing. Thankfully I have a thick hide, and refuse to take hints, so I simply carry on the back-thumping and the bush-esque shoulder massaging as if I didn't notice poeple scurrying for cover when they see me approach.
I must say this for the workplace though- they stand up to punishment well. I suppose it goes with the territory when you're selling media. here's an example of a typical conversation:
(over the phone)
Colleague: Hey... It's me. I'm not with ABC anymore. Yeah, I'm with XY....
Client (cutting Colleague off in Mid-flow): oh, ah... I'm tied up can you call back a bit later?
Colleague( as if no interruptions occured): sure thing.. in fact. I'll call you back. Just tell me when.
Client (pushed into a corner): er... afternoon? sure... bye!

Come afternoon...*brrrrring* *brrrrring*
metallic voice: the person you are trying to reach cannot take your call. Please leave a message at the beep.

Same Colleage and Same client, after the magazine hits the stands, and he finds his ad in the wrong posish.
Client: hey! it's me. I saw the ad. What's...
Colleague (getting her own back): hey... I'm sorry, but you've caught me at the worst time possible. Could you send me a mail on this?
Client (seething and vowing to wait till colleague comes back for business): sure, and I'll mark a CC to my boss and your boss.
Colleague (distractedly): oh? Oh. seeya then.

Next month: Colleague and client at it again.
Colleague: Hey... It's me. could we meet up ? i've got this great idea....
Client (cutting Colleague off in Mid-flow): oh, ah... I'm tied up can you call back a bit later?

-And so it goes. The Office. The best place to watch karma bite you in the arse.


IdeaSmith said...

Khee khee khee...can we offer you position of guest blogger on Office Capers? Our workplace situations ain't half as funny as yours!!!

Anjaan said...

Finally Ur working!!! [:D}

iyer education said...

is it the same corporate lingo that made you remove those extra "orcaine" from your nick... and make it more official sounding "Sense"...

congratulations for your first week anniversary at work... so do you take the 8:11 to work or not?

Sense said...

smithy: 'twould be an honour. But if i know my luck, my office will choose just this moment to turn into a straight-laced, dull-as-grey boring!

anjaan: at least pretending to!!!

iyer: naah- sense is more like an oxymoron!:D

KJ said...


came thru iyer's log n decided to drop u a _____

u have a sooper blog.. wonder how i missed it earlier :)

will visit again n again..



Brad said...


Brad said...

Greetings to the Godson

Sense said...

KJ: thanks... ermm.. does this mean i'll have to post more often? yikes!
Brad: LOL. yes... i can see the two of you understand each other perfectly!