Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dilli, we have a problem, yaar!

In a bid to streamline the admistration, my company has decided to print all cards/ stationery and other sundry accessories centrally from 'dilli'. Which is great, provided,
a. I get my Cards on Time (which does NOT roughly translate to sometime in this decade)
b. I don't have to handle annoying administration guys suggesting that in the meanwhile I use a colleagues card, and scratch out his name and put mine instead.
c. When I DO get the cards, I'd be ecstatic, if they'd please, please not coin new acronyms for my position, and just manage to get the spellings right.

Right. For now I'm stuck with cards with read 'Sense- BRNAD SOLUTION (pliss to note the singular) MANAGER.

My clients now have the pleasure of choosing between scratched out, overwritten- cards, or ones which introduce me as a BRNAD Solution manager. Can we get the weekend here a bit sooner?


La vida Loca said...

BRNAD solution has morphed into a Brand new problem lol

Brad said...

I am sure that the 'RN' creeped in by mistake! :P He he heh... OR They just put in the 'N' to screw up my name! Damn them idiots.

Brad said...

Check out my blog for the continuation of the above comment..he he heh...I can't stop laughing out loud! :P

Ruch said...

im home call me

Instinctive Traveller said...

oh u band manager! i so prowds for ewe! waat band u manage?

Sense said...

Loca: ewe bet! Lol. Makes for an interesting start to a con-versation with Clients

Brad: you know what i have to say to THAT

Ruch: done!

Bloom: wedding bands? rubber bands? oo- ooo- I know Tur-band!