Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vegas, Baby!

As soon as we arrived in LAX, we promptly went out and did the American thing - we went out and promptly hired a minivan! Child 1 thought he'd died and gone to heaven!! LAX wasn't the place where we were staying back, though. We we driving down to Vegas, Baby!
The drive to Vegas. We could get used to those open roads

Yup. Roller Coaster. In the middle of nowhere. Just because!
The afternoon we'd arrived, we decided to hit the strip - but not before Child 1 and the husband decided when in Vegas, they needed to check out a shooting range. With real guns. Not just tiny, fit-in-your-holster kinds either. The Mother-of-all-hell-I'm-Rambo kinds.
This was at a petrol station. Where you could buy a gun to go with your coffee. 
yup. These ones. With your choice of targets.
Pic Courtesy: Arun Kumar Krishnamurthy

No really. You can pick and choose. I chose... to stay at home.
Pic courtesy: Arun Kumar Krishnamurthy

Vegas was unabashedly loud, bright and commercial, and I loved it!
oversized everything. Including Christmas baubles.

...through the looking glass. 
The walk along the strip was predictably neck-craning and mouth-gawping and we were happy just soaking it all in. 
The funkiest coffee shop ever!
The only thing we did go to, was the New York, New York coaster. By we, of course, I mean Child 1 and the husband. Me? I was roaming the arcade with Child 2, while she was busy playing arcade games to collect more useless trinkets. 

This was clearly a favourite with the kids. Child 1 totally loves the music too. 
We're starting a band. We'll call it 'the Wannabes'. 
The next day was for the kids - of all ages. we spent the day at Circus Circus, and boy was it fun! From roller coasters to LaserTag to 4D movies... there was much to see and do. 
mad coaster fun.
Pic courtesy: Arun Kumar Krishnamurthy

we're going to beat you hollow at Laser Tag!
Pic courtesy: Arun Kumar Krishnamurthy

Apparently this little froggie didn't jump high enough for my little monkey.
Pic courtesy: Arun Kumar Krishnamurthy
That evening was my pick of activity,and I wanted to catch a show- and I was spoilt for choice. I chose Cirque Du Soliel's longest running show- Mystère. It was definitely the highlight of the Vegas trip for me.

Every minute of the Cirque show was entertaining with clowns having us in splits to trapeze artists having us gasping to entertaining acrobats and a spectacular sound and light show. There were several times during the show when I made a mental note to myself to get the soundtrack on my phone. it was fabulous. 

what an unforgettable experience
Surprisingly I wasn't to keen on doing the one thing Vegas was famous for - the Casinos. Of course, the kids were allowed within 15 feet of the tables, but I wasn't that keen to visit them either. The blinking lights and noises just made it annoying and head-ache inducing.
That didn't stop us from hitting the bar though. Several times.
Pic courtesy: Arun Kumar Krishnamurthy

Child 1's dream drum kit
Pic courtesy: Arun Kumar Krishnamurthy
We would return to Vegas shortly, but tomorrow, we were off to the Grand Canyon. A rather long-ish drive, but a trip we couldn't not do, having come this far. 
Oh we were most definitely in Trump's America

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