Monday, June 23, 2014


Yesterday morning started like just another sunday. Late. With the kids having to drag you out of bed.
When we finally cracked our eye open, we were greeted to a glorious, sunny day (well deserved, after a week of miserable wetness) and the roar, yes, roar of planes whizzing overhead.
Now, normally. I'm not much of a motorhead. Planes and speeds and engine stats do not roll off my tongue. But when you have planes overhead doing this, you have to stand and gawp.
These were the Baltic bees. They were performing at the Bucharest International Air show 2014
 and they made such pretty shapes in the sky!!

Then we witnessed a whole host of other planes doing this: (If you expect me to spew names, you are looking at the wrong person. I leave that in the capable hands of the baa-lamb. I just went, 'ooh! pretty!!')

I still can't believe we were lucky enough to witness this from out balcony. It was like our own, private Air-show. Towards the close of play, we got back from dinner just in time for the Piece de Resistance:

Look at that formation! I can't even...

We had a whole host of jumpers, with the final one unfurling the Romanian flag!

Good show, Romania! Can't wait for what this country shows us next!


Suresh B S said...

Lucky u to have enjoyed this from your balcony. Did you also capture the fireworks? That was the best part

Sense said...

No, we lost that to the row of villas in front of us :( next year, will pick out a higher vantage point!