Monday, February 10, 2014


Apart from learning the language and finding out that Romanians as a whole are a very friendly bunch, We've been discovering the joy of affordable skiing and skating. Both were attempted for the first time last weekend and I am happy to report no signs of any permanent damage to the family (despite Pickwick and the Bossy Baby's best attempts to drive us round the bend with 163 'are we there yet?'s and the Baa Lamb trying his best to demonstrate that the best way downhill was on your behind).
Also managed to click a few pictures along the way. Enjoy!
I, meanwhile, have to return to doing the laundry and making peace with the fact that we have come home to an empty refrigerator and no chaat walla in sight. *sigh* Also, school runs. *sigh*
The Sun hitting the Carpathian mountains in the morning

Our sleighing slope. We decided to get into the spirit by pretending to be Lugers

No city in Romania is complete without one of these. 

...and the street lights go off
PS: Also got a book review over the weekend. Might want to check it out here. Until next time, Luni Fericit!

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