Thursday, October 16, 2008

Que Sera Sera

If Pickwick’s antics could give any indication of future careers, he’d be…

A Politician: Coz whenever the Baa-lamb comes over for a cuddle, he plays the part of the Moral Police.

An Actor : Coz he’ll do just about anything for a round of applause.

A Chef: Coz he loves to stir things (up)

A Banker: Coz he knows the currency of chocolate is flattery

An Engineer: You should see the delight he has in stacking up towers – and the greater delight when it all comes tumbling down

A Singer: He SO love the sound of his own voice

A Star: Coz he loves playing dress- up (yes, the bindis, the bangles, the hair bands – the works!)

An Activist: He goes on strike every time the channel forgets to air his favourite ads (‘baby, you can’t control what goes on air…’ is met with a ‘not-yet-but-just-you-wait’ look)

An Astronaut: Coz everytime we ask him where he wants to go, he looks up and says ‘Moon’! (Apart from the occasional, rainbow, and for some strange reason, Bruges)

A Sports Star: If jumping from high places without a parachute could ever become a sport

An Artist: coz he’ll draw a tiny squiggle and launch into an elaborate explanation as to how that’s a plane flying through a cloud and the shadow of the bird on that plane.

A Marketeer: Coz he’ll do his best to convince you that he’s a good boy for eating all his chocolate and politely asking for more from your share.

An IT guy: He’s managed to crash 2 systems, pluck out 3 keys from the key board and ruin 1 mouse in his short lifespan. I’m sure he’s not through yet.

A Doctor: Coz he loves giving people ‘Medicine’ for ‘Owwie’ (never mind that he’s the reason for the ‘Owwie’)

A Mathematician: Coz he thinks, logically, three- teen should precede fourteen, and nineteen ought to be followed by twen-teen

A Vet: Coz he loves to use Great Danes like his own personal Pony, and wants to pet the spider, the pigeon, the tiger, the bear, the fox, the ladybird…

Whatever the future may hold, I know what I'm going to be:
The Proud Mommy: who'll be standing behind him, egging him on, shouting herself hoarse, sporting prematurely greying hair, having the first-aid kit on standby and the emergency room number on speed dial.


Anonymous said...

Hehe..Awesome stuff..Seriously love it!!

Iyer Education said...

what if pickwick becomes a blogger and writes a post about his mommy who's standing behind him, egging him on, shouting herself hoarse, sporting prematurely greying hair, having the first-aid kit on standby and the emergency room number on speed dial

Instinctive Traveller said...

blossomes! howw ewe r amazing me. two posts back to back. r u ills? dear peekweek very talented no? e no become basket ball player? e no good at throwing things out of window or in potty?

Sense said...

Trooper: :) thanks, just imagine Pickwick in is teenage- angsty years! he read about every one of his antics ONLINE!!

iyer: that'll be the war of the blogs then, should be fun, eh?

bloom: i yam taking advantages of a minor crack in the system that i have slipped thru.
pickweek is passing that basketball stage long agos, he is beings good boys now and wonly throwing tantrums, not theengs.

Scribblers Inc said...

I wish you all the luck with such a talented kid!!:)

SCribblers Inc.

La vida Loca said...

hahhahahhah. Jack(Pickwick) of all trades huh?

Sense said...

scribblers: shouldn't you be wishing Pickwick luck with such a neurotic mom?

loca: you bet! think he'll master at least one?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious one ... loved it! IT guy and Engineers were the best ... LOLed on those.

IdeaSmith said...

I bow to thee, mother of the SuperPickwick. Why couldn't you write this post last week? It's even better than the last one!

Sense said...

maduraiveeran::) missed out on a few professions, Like the MBA, the lawyer... I can feel a part Deux coming on...

Smithy: :) thanks! where didja go to? DISH , girl - you know where to reach me...