Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Life's little ironies:
Now That I'm working, I have something besides Pickwick to write about. But Now That I'm working, I can think of Nothing but Pickwick worth writing about.

My workplace is the one place which has so many Indians I'll never feel out of place. My work place has so many Indians, there is no place!

Lunch Hour is fun, coz you don't have to bother explaining the contents of your dabba to all and sundry. Lunch hour also means you have to bring enough in your dabba for everyone around you.

An hour for lunch is perfectly fine. An hour post 5:00 pm is also perfectly expected.

Work is challenging, it keeps me on my toes. Work is so challenging, I have to be on my toes.

Now that I'm earning, we'll spend a bit more. What we're spending on is daycare for Pickwick, which hardly leaves anything for spending at all.

Work's a great source for inspired posts. Work's the reason I don't post as often


IdeaSmith said...

Oh I'm expecting a mail telling all!

Instinctive Traveller said...

ayyo. blossommes! ewee pliss stops works. and make posts on blogg. i also want tells ewe very brave fore making poetry. how ewe makes?

Sense said...

smithy: does the post not explain all?

bloom: ais? i ees? makings pottery i means... ah. ewe are being funny, no?

Instinctive Traveller said...

blossomes, i dediating bestet poetry i ever hears to ewe. very engleesh ladies writes ok? haiku: can eye see thee panting lying, on a log, expiring frog... nice no?

Sense said...

bloom: I like your haiku, i really do; thanks, but no, thank you!

TWM said...

Hey Sense,
Thanks for visiting my site. I enjoyed yours. I'll come back again.
So you're a new mom. As you know I've been at it for awhile, which doesn't make me much better at it! You must miss Pickwick!
Come back and visit!


crazyBugga said...

u can never be anemic... [:)]

Sense said...

twm: you can count on it. Misery loves compsny! hehehehe

CRazybugga: LOL. ah. that's the worst bit- all that metal, and nothing to show in the blood!

Ruch said...

Babe!!!! im cmg to lon in dec, so u better look after me and find time from gujjus and surds!

Sense said...

ruch! no way! that's awesome! we shall meet, and we shall bitch! :D