Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Everyday Heros

Original can be viewed here


La vida Loca said...

Sense- the hero! or the heroine!!

Keshi said...

I can sense it :)


Iyer Education said...

heroine you mean?

btw did you know that south indian heroines follow numerology these days? for eg Naintara, 10tara, trisha, 4sha etc etc...

how about some numbers for yourself?

Sense said...

loca: tsk tsk.. lets not be gender specific... afterall I want pickwick to look up to both his parents.hehehehe

keshi: :D sensible, wot?

iyer:see "loca:"
numerology? hmm...how's sevensorcaine? or is that too swedish for you?

Anjaan said...

some things never change eh? lol

and hello - how come no pictures of you at paris and the stonehenge! so BO-oh-ring! :p

Sense said...

@anjaan: Long time no see! wassup?
Plenty of pix of me at both places. just though I wouldn't want to mar the original beauty of the places by inserting my ugly mug in the pix!