Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Little Britain

Stonehenge. Stones. and nothing much else around for miles. Except wooly sheep.

Yes. So there are no 'Parag heart Simmi' s on the monuments

Richmond Park

Deer sighting at Richmond park

Sighting of a different kind of beast at our apartment

Inside Victoria Quarter, Leeds

Mural opposite the Market, Leeds

Corn Exchange, Leeds (lovingly restored, as the plaque puts it)

Leeds Skyline

Leeds Church


Brad said...

WHAT car is THAT now, lady!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

'woolLy' sheep.

And the Picasa shows.

(Just envious)


Instinctive Traveller said...

ewe! were oll peoples? y britains verry empty? blossomes! waat ewe doos to breeteesh peoples?

Sense said...

Brad: tsk tsk... Did you NOT see the rearing horse? But, before you start smoking again, due to sheer envy- The Ferrari is just parked outside the House. Belongs to one of our neighbours.

JAP: A thousand Apologies. And the Picasa's my savior when doing a rush-job (which is what, I must admit most of my posts are, off late).

Bloom: Ais, very sad. All gone. They are knowing of our arival, me thinks.

La vida Loca said...

i like i like..niizzz pics

England here i come.....sometime

Sense said...

loca: sometime? summertime's best- and no time like the present, I say... hop on a plane and c'mon over. I promise not to OD you on PIckwick stories...

GuNs said...

Dropped onto your blog from KAushik's blog where I arrived from a link on Teesra Pahiya which was linked from Akshay's "Trivial Matters".

Whatever that was... you were in Leeds? For the IIFA, I suppose. I hope you liked it. I've got a few photos from Leeds and surrounding places on my blog. Do check them out when you have time.


Sense said...

GUns: thnaks for dropping by... love the photos on your blog! I shall get ther one day... with no babies screaming in my