Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fathers Down the Ages

Terms of addressing:
Granddad: Appa
Dad: Dad
Hubby: Yo Pops! (If not the first name, in which case, poor Pickwick is going to have a mighty sore bottom)

Earliest memory:
Granddad: Frowning down from a distance, as you look up from the cradle, saying- “ erm…I think he’s pooped again..”
Dad: Look of consternation as he’s holding you – “erm, I think he’s pooped again”
Hubby: “aww- look he’s pooping! Quick, ask him to hold on while I get the camera!”

Granddad: The Look (and you’ve already peed in your pants)
Dad: “harrumph!” followed by The Look
Hubby: “Just you wait to you Mommy gets home”

On education:
Granddad: I want you to be the top 3 in your class!
Dad: I want you to do your best
Hubby: Just make sure you get decent results, so I won’t have to visit the principal’s office too often

On sports:
Granddad: don’t you play enough in the evenings? Now you’re doing it at school too?
Dad: I want you to do your best.
Hubby: Cricket? Wait for me! Anything else- ask you mum.

On Arts:
Granddad: No one in our family’s made a decent living yet out of being an artist!
Dad: I want you to do your best.
Hubby: You think we should be saving his doodles? I can’t for the life of me figure out what he’s made, but hey, I can’t get Picasso either!

Career Options:
Granddad: harrumph! Engineering.
Dad: Do whatever you’re best at.
Hubby: The world is your playground- but don’t expect me to push you swing!(at which point Pickwick demands a translator)

Equal rights:
Granddad: Some men are more equal than others
Dad: Of course women are smarter. Just look at my daughter…ow! Ow!!… and my wife
Hubby: I’m now going to fight for equal opportunity for men!

Granddad: Hindi film songs? Gah! Humbug.
Dad: AC/DC? I’m not surprised that cacophony comes from electrical malfunctions…
Hubby: You paid HOW MUCH for the Sting Concert???!!!

On daughters:
Granddad: hah! The fool doesn’t deserve you!
Dad: hah! The fool doesn’t deserve you!
Hubby: hah! The fool doesn’t deserve you!


Ruch said...

welcome bak

Brad said...

The fool doesn't deserve you!??? They are talking to the daughter??

iyer education said...

hidden management principles is what i got from the entire post

Just you wait to you Mommy gets home... delegation

Cricket? Wait for me! Anything else- ask you mum... Human Resource Development, off office hours...

Just make sure you get decent results, so I won’t have to visit the principal’s office too often... clarity in communication of expecations

The fool doesn’t deserve you!... are they all talking about you? (hehe)

Sensorcaine said...

Ruch: danke!

Brad: just wait til you have a daughter, you'll begin to think even pickwick- with his can't-go-wrong genes doesn't deserve her

Iyer: what do you expect,with hubby being an HR pro? all that droning had to rub off eventually, right?

Brad said...

Call me ignorant, but who's the 'fool' and who's 'you' in that statement. Do enlighten!

IdeaSmith said...

Now how about mommies down the ages? Excluding you of course...I meant human mommies...

Anjaan said...

Im laughing and rolling off the chair as I read ur post.!!!

Zestful new entry post mommyhood.
thought you should have included a "when son becomes dad" post. Lol

Hope everything with u and the baby is fine! :)

Sensorcaine said...

Brad, Brad, tsk do remember this is the doppelganger you're talking about, right? you want to be calling yourself a fool?

Idea: mommies for the most part have been pretty practical,whatever the age. Smart lot, that.

Anjaan: yes, self and baby are in excellent health. a bit too excellent in my case...

Brad said...

Will discuss elsewhere! Will keep this space as a comments-entry-place, instead of a scrap book.

Instinctive Traveller said...

"how are you doing today?"

"ugh... a bit too excellent, thank you."


Instinctive Traveller said...

how about 'momma's down the ages'? don't you need a sequel to poppa?

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

From memory or imagination?


IdeaSmith said...

More! More! Update on the Pickwick capers.

IdeaSmith said...

Hey...get in touch lady!